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This is a yearly lease, which runs from March 1st to February 28 of the next year. The camping season runs from May 1st to November 1st.

If the tenant is not returning for the camping season next year, he/she must have his/her unit moved out before March 1. If it is not moved out by March 1, the management will move it and a moving fee of $100.00 will be charged to the tenant and a daily parking fee of $20.00 will also be charged until the unit leaves the park.

Each tenant may retain their spot, for the next year, by paying a $500.00 deposit before January 1 of the following year. The balance of the pad rent is due in full by March 1, the start of the new lease year.

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• The tenant has the right to sell their camper and transfer the lease to the new owner.

• All Units must have a current license plate and be capable of being moved on short notice.

• MBRR assumes no responsibility for any damages that may be done to the tenants camper. This includes, but not limited to, damages from all utilities, storm damage, falling trees and any other acts of God.

• The tenant may have up to 6′ x 8′ sheds, decks or other items after receiving approval by the management.